Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

be played by children who are not equipped to handle unmoderated text or voice chat, simulated gun violence, or high- stress situa�ons.

Game Modes • Fortnite: Batle Royale; a Batle Royale (BR) Game Mode allows up to 100 players to compete in a player - versus- player (PVP) se�ng. Players can play alone (Solo), with a friend (Duo), or in a group of 4 (Squad). The objec�ve is to pick up weapons, ammuni�on, and bandages to kill off other players and be the ‘last man standing’. Players can hide out in buildings and even collect resources to build their structures and traps. • Fortnite: Crea�ve; Crea�ve mode in Fortnite is much like other Crea�ve Modes which act as a sandbox -style game that allows players to build maps with free reign on what to put in their game, different types of game modes, and game �me. • Fortnite: Save the World; this Game Mode allows 4 players to work together towards a common objec�ve on various missions against zombie - like husks. Some of the objec�ves include figh�ng off the computer - generated “zombie husks”, saving survivors, and defending equipment. Microtransac�ons Although Fortnite is technically ‘free -to- play’, it is important to note that Fortnite is a game that includes micro - transac�ons. Players can opt - in to purchase a game pass that gives them special items, allows them to earn certain achievements, and gives them ‘loot boxes’ (boxes to open that include in - game items such as special emotes, dances, and gun skins ) . The currency in this game is called ‘V - Bucks’ and can be purchased with real - world currency.


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