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Minecra� is one of the most accessible video games available, as it has sold more than 200 million copies across PC, game consoles (Xbox, Playsta�on, and Nintendo Switch), and smart devices 60 . It is very easy to learn and can be played anywhere. Minecra� can be played either in the online world or offline as a single -player. Game Modes • Survival; the player can level up, search for resources, and cra� different weapons, tools, and structures. Players must fight hunger and monsters during the night. • Hardcore; same as Survival Mode but the player only gets one life. If they die, the game is over, and they must start fresh. • Crea�ve; the user cannot die and has access to all the blocks and items available. With this game mode, users can create whatever they want with no restric�ons. The player also can fly to get from place to place faster. Online Play and Chat Mul�player allows players to play alongside friends. They can build, mine, create, and even fight each other in some servers. All game modes that exist in single - player also exist in mul�player, as well as the game difficul�es. Minecra� does have child - friendly servers available, which you must request to join. This ensures random players will not come into the servers as they will not have access. Single - player is the safest op�on as no one can join or chat with a single -player user. Fortnite Amongst one of the most popular video games available today, since it’s release in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite has accumulated over 350 million players globally 61 . Fortnite is available to download for free on PC, game consoles (Xbox, Playsta�on, Nintendo Switch), and as a mobile game for smart devices on iOS and Android. Fortnite should not

60 Minecra� Revenue and Usage Sta�s�cs (2023) - Business of Apps 61 Fortnite is now one of the biggest games ever with 350 million players - The Verge


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