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Online Play and Chat Players can communicate in - game through both text chat func�ons as well as a voice - chat func�on. Players can mute other players if they do not wish to hear from them or can mute themselves if they do not wish to be heard. There is no modera�on in either the text chat or the voice chat func�ons, however, users can report these interac�ons to the Fortnite modera�on team to review at a later date.


Since its release by Riot Games in June 2020, Valorant has accumulated approximately 21 million players 62 . Valorant is currently available for download on PC and not yet available on game consoles or smart devices. Volarant is a 5 -player vs. 5- player team First Person Shooter (FPS) game where precise gunplay meets unique character abili�es. Although technically ‘free -to- play’, much like its compe�tor Fortnite, the game includes micro - transac�ons where players are en�ced to purchase a batle pass that gives them special items, allows them to earn certain achievements, and buy gun skins and effects with real - world currency.

62 Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribu�on, Revenue (2023) (headphonesaddict.com)


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