Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Roblox has built - in capabili�es for friends lists, messaging users, and in - game chat. The chat func�on works differently depending on the users’ age – for users 13 and under, the chat is built off a list of “whitelisted” words, preselected by the developers as safe for children to use. If the user is over 13 (or sets their birthday so it appears they are), then chat is more open - ended. However, there is s�ll a built - in “blacklist” func�on that atempts to keep curse words and derogatory terms out of the chat.

Roblox privacy se�ngs also permit parents/caregivers to control who is allowed to interact with their children. The user can adjust whether everyone, friends, or no one has access to communicate both inside games and using the pla�orm’s messaging system. By se�ng the appropriate age category and ensuring privacy se�ngs are updated, parents/caregivers can limit interac�ons with other users.


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