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Steam is a free, downloadable so�ware where users can purchase and download both paid and free games online. Steam acts as a cloud - based gaming library where games are stored and can be downloaded on any device that is associated with the user’s Steam account. Steam was ini�ally released in 2003 by developer Valve and has over 120 million monthly users today a�er seeing a 26.31% growth in the past year alone 63 . Although gaming communica�ons and ra�ngs are based on the individual games that are downloaded, Steam also has its own community where users have profiles and can be iden�fied by individualized usernames and profile photos. Much like social media, Steam profiles can be public or private. Users can also leave comments on Steam profiles and u�lize Steam’s private messaging service, which includes both voice and text cha�ng.

63 Steam Usage and Catalog Stats for 2023 (backlinko.com)


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