Raising Digitally Responsible Youth


Our current world climate is constantly connected to technology. What do we need to know as parents/caregivers to protect our children and teach them responsible and appropriate uses of technology? The parameters of rules and expecta�ons that we put in place at home will undoubtedly guide our children’s sense of digital responsibility. Raising children in a digital era can seem overwhelming at �mes. Technology has entered our lives at a rapid pace over the past several years and con�nues to evolve. The reality is that apps and technological devices will change, but the behavior stays the same. Modera�on is key to managing technology use in our homes. This does not need to be an “all or nothing” approach with either absolute prohibi�on or full unchecked usage. It is beneficial to maintain an open, transparent, and ongoing dialogue with our children regarding the internet, technology, social media, and video games. Remaining approachable and being a trusted adult to the children in our lives could make the difference between whether our children come to us when issues or uncomfortable situa�ons arise rather than feeling alone in the process of going to their peers to seek comfort and advice instead. Technology is here to s t ay, whether we like it or not. The digital reputa�on of today’s students, or how they choose to represent themselves online, is being evaluated and assessed by future employers and/or admissions departments. The goal of this parent/caregiver guide is to help introduce the major social media pla�orms, video games, and relevant trends that are either being used already or have the poten�al to be used by our children. Stay the course. We want to prepare our children for their tech - infused futures and walk down this digital journey alongside them by staying informed. Good luck!

Photo by Julia M Cameron.


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