Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels were added as a feature in 2020 and were originally 15 seconds long 28 . These are short videos with music included, very similar to the style of TikTok videos. Instagram Reels can now be up to 90 seconds and can also be cross shared on Meta’s other pla�orm Facebook. Instagram Reels are the fastest - growing feature worldwide and are expected to have over 1.22 billion users each month 29 .

Photo by BuddyMantra.

Direct Messaging (“DMs”)

Direct Messaging, or ‘DMs’, is a private message inbox within the Instagram app. This is a feature that allows users to privately communicate, like text messaging. This is where youth can receive private messages from their friends, par�cipate in group chats, or even receive messages from strangers. There is currently no way to turn the Instagram DMs off. It is important to note that photos, videos, and voice recordings can be sent through Instagram DMs, including from accounts that aren’t mutual (doesn’t follow the user/the user doesn’t follow them).

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