Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Snapchat Lingo

Snaps A user takes a photo/video using their digital device/smartphone in real �me. The user can select an amount of �me between 1 - 10 seconds or choose infinite �me for the receiver to view the photo/video. A user can elect to have the photo/video that they have just taken to be saved into their photo gallery, their ‘My Eyes Only’ folder, or simply sent via Snapchat without being saved on their device. Stories A user can add the photo/video to their ‘Story’. Depending on the user’s privacy se�ngs, the photos/videos added to a story can be viewed by all Snapchat users or just those on their friends’ list for up to 24 hours. Chat A user can type a text message or create a voice message, voice call, or video call within the Snapchat app to their friends using this feature. Once both par�es have viewed the message, the message will vanish. The chat se�ngs can also be manually changed within each conversa�on to be set to disappear a�er 24 hours instead. Photos/videos from the camera roll or gallery of the user’s device can be uploaded and sent within the chat. Group chats o�en exist between mul�ple friends. Streaks Seen within the chat log screen, a user’s ‘Snapchat Streak’ is the number of consecu�ve days that the account owner and a friend have sent at least, but no less than, 1 snap per day to each other. If they do not snap with each other within 24 hours, they lose their streak with their friend (this is a huge deal to today’s youth!)


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