Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Username A username is a unique online iden�ty that is chosen to represent someone online. Most pla�orms make you choose a username when you create an account, and this username is typically unique to this

individual user (may not be used by others, unless that username is no longer in use). Passwords

We all know the challenge of trying to remember our passwords for a website or an app and it’s easy to fall into the habit of using the same passwords for all our logins. This is a dangerous habit, especially if it is something predictable such as a dog name or home address. We should remind our children not to share their passwords with their friends ! This is the number one reason behind accounts ge�ng “hacked”. Use different passwords for each pla�orm you have an account for and ensure they are strong with a mix of numbers, leters, and special characters (!@#$%^&*). TIP: Try a password manager! There are many free password manager apps available in the iOS app store, Google Play store, and in the form of browser extensions. Password managers store your passwords on a digital “keychain” and can help you to manage passwords (especially really strong ones), so you don’t have to!


Th ere is no doubt that smartphones are having a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. The use of instant messaging especially has skyrocketed since the introduc�on of smartphones and social media. Research suggests that over 41 million messages are sent out every minute 4 , and this number is expected to con�nue to increase. The term ‘sex�ng’ has emerged as the use of text messages and instant messages to send sexually explicit photographs, videos, and messages has become more prevalent. Sex�ng is also commonly found over popular apps such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages, but we have seen it widely popularized through Snapchat due to its ability to send photographs/videos and messages that can only be seen once for only a few seconds before it “disappears” into cyberspace – unless, of course, someone was to take a screenshot and distribute it to others…

4 Text, Don’t Call: Messaging Apps Sta�s�cs for 2022 (kommandotech.com)


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