Raising Digitally Responsible Youth


D iscord is a free voice and text messaging applica�on that is available as a desktop, browser, and mobile applica�on (iOS and Android) with over 150 million monthly ac�ve users 54 . Typically, Discord is used as a space for gamers to chat either by instant message, voice chat, or video chat. Discord is now being used for many different types of online communi�es such as YouTuber/Influencer chat channels, art communi�es, and a place to meet new people. It is es�mated that 850 million Discord messages are sent every day (6 billion each week and 25 billion each month) 55 . Within Discord, users can create or join ‘Servers’ where they can invite as many people as they would like to engage in a chat together. Voice chat can be used as either an open mic or push -to- talk – a feature that only allows others to hear you by enabling voice via the designated buton set by a user on their keyboard or mouse. Users can also share their computer screens with Discord. Discord also offers a paid subscrip�on service called Discord Nitro 56 that allows users to have Discord upgrades such as increased upload limits, customized emojis within servers, HD video streaming, access to games and ac�vi�es to play within the pla�orm with friends, Server Boosts, custom profiles, and m ore.

Video courtesy of YouTube user Discord.

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