Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Message Screen

Here is an example of what the Snapchat Chat screen could poten�ally look like within a Snapchat account. Use the Chat Screen Icon Guide and the Friend Emoji charts on the following pages to see whom this user interacts with the most. To test your knowledge, try answering the following ques�ons (answers in footnotes at the botom of this page): • What does a blue - colored no�fica�on mean? 15 • What does a pink - colored no�fica�on mean? 16 • What does a purple -co lored no�fica�on mean? 17 • Who is this user’s best Snapchat friend? 18 • What is a Snapchat best friend? 19 • Who has the longest Snap Streak with this user and how many days has this Snap Streak lasted? 20 • Who was the last person this user sent a message to and when? 21 • Does this user currently have a Snap Story? How do you know? 22

Are the Snaps to Monique incoming or outgoing? 23 What type of Snaps were sent to Monique (Photo, Video, or Text)? 24 At the top of the Snapchat with Monique, there is a no�fica�on that a screenshot was taken of the chat – who can see this? 25

15 Text or audio communica�on. 16 Photo communica�on. 17 Video communica�on. 18 Dsasu (indicated by yellow heart). 19 The person this user has sent and received the most amount of Snaps to/from. 20 Jonny Wanyanga (273 days). 21 Jessica (5 minutes ago). 22 Yes; indicated by the round photo in the upper le� - hand corner of the screen. 23 Outgoing as they say ‘Delivered’ rather than ‘New Snap’ or ‘New Chat’ . 24 Photo. 25 Both the user who took the screenshot and Monique.


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