Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Photo by ReviewGeek. • Build a culture of openness and trust in establishing a two - way dialogue about technology and social media between you and your child. You want to be approachable to your children when , not if, a concern comes up in their digital lives. • Technology isn’t going anywhere – try to introduce technology into your home and your children’s lives at a pace you feel comfortable with, rela�ve to your child’s age and emo�onal maturity. • We are not our child’s best friend. We are responsible for ensuring their safety in the online world just as much as we are responsible for ensuring their safety in the offline world! • Google yourself and your family. Any names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, or social media usernames that are associated with your family can be searched online; see what shows up before others do. • Remind your children of the permanence of anything posted online or sent electronically. Not everything we post online stays, but we don’t get to decide what stays and what doesn’t! These �ps are intended to be used in part or whole alongside your personal paren�ng methods. You as a parent/caregiver know what is best for your child. It’s important to put our children’s well - being first and allowing yo urself to have a strong understanding of digital responsibility will enable your child to as well so they can make beter decisions online and offline on their own. If you would like to atend a parent session on Raising Digitally Responsible Youth, how to keep our children safe online, and understanding current trends, please reach out to your school/school district or PAC and ask them to request a proposal from Safer Schools Together 3 . THE ESSENTIALS There are many components to the online world that are generally known and understood by most digital users, however, here are three essen�al terms that we need to understand to take control of our digital responsibility: Hashtag A hashtag (#) is a symbol added before a word or phrase to create a searchable category indexed by social media and becomes discoverable by other users. Instagram, Twiter, and TikTok are the primary pla�orms where hashtags are used. Hashtags are a way of making it easier to find and follow other users/posts within a par�cular category or contribute to a conversa�on.

3 Request a Training (saferschoolstogether.com)


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