Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Vault Apps

Vault apps are mobile applica�ons designed to hide private photos, videos, files, or other applica�ons on a device, usually by using the icon of another app such as a calculator, camera, or notes. Vault apps are popular amongst teens in order to protect their mobile privacy to use app locking, private bookmarks, incognito browsing, cloud backup, and more. However, teens should be reminded that using technology is a privilege and they are not en�tled to full privacy on their devices for their own safety.

The “Rules” (That No One Follows)

Although many social media pla�orms and apps have a User Minimum Age Agreement 57 either in order to sign up or outlined in their Terms of Service, these are typically bypassed by younger users in order to bypass this effort.

57 Age Limita�on in Terms and Condi�ons Agreements - TermsFeed


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