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Twitch is a live video streaming service that primarily focuses on video games. During a stream, there is a streamer who is the person conduc�ng the broadcast with or without live webcam footage and is typically playing a video game while engaging with their live audience in the live cha t. Viewers can chat with the streamer and other users in the stream’s live chat log, in which other viewers can type back or the streamer may respond by voice. Twitch users have sent more than 14.2 billion chat messages since the streaming service’s incep�on in 2011 52 . The average Twitch user can be found using Twitch for 95 minutes per day 53 , which can include watching and/or streaming. Twitch is generally free to watch, and following streamers is also a free feature. However, there are certain paid subscrip�ons that users can use to give streamers a set amount of money per month to support their stream called Subscrip�ons, as well as single - �me payments called Dona�ons/Tips and Bits. These can be purchased for real - world currency through the Twitch pla�orm and spent within the website/app towards any streamer who has this feature enabled. Because Twitch is owned and operated by Amazon, any user with an Amazon Prime account is eligible for Twitch Prime and is given one free Subscrip�on pass (worth $4.99 USD) per month. This can be used in the same way a regular Subscrip�on is used. Although gaming is s�ll the most popular topic on Twitch, there are also other topics such as ‘Just Cha�ng’, ‘Art’, and ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, & Beaches’. It’s important to note that although some channels may restrict viewers to ages 18+ (monitored only by a buton confirming you are over 18, no actual age verifica�on occurs), many streams that do not have an age restric�on s�ll broadcast inappropriate content.

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