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Snap Map

The Snap Map allows users to view Snaps of spor�ng events, celebra�ons, breaking news, etc. in their communi�es and around the world. This feature is available within the applica�on itself, as well as being accessible via a web browser without even needing to log in to the app 13 . Perhaps the most concerning content viewable from this map, however, is where your friends are…exactly where they are…in real - �me. Users can share their loca�ons with everyone on their “friends” list so they can see exactly where their friends are and what they are doing (driving, sleeping, listening to music, etc.) in real - �me on a virtual map. This is an example of what the Snap Map looks like to a user from the mobile applica�on while logged into their account. These are all of Ashley’s friends who have Snap Map enabled. They are represented by the Bitmoji 14 they designed for themselves. This is why it is so important that our children are only communica�ng on Snapchat with close friends and family that they know and trust in real life.

Within the Snapchat Se�ngs, users can turn off the ability for others to see their loca�on by enabling something called Ghost Mode or only allowing their loca�on to be viewed by certain friends (Ie. their best friend) and/or parents/caregivers or other trusted adults. Ghost Mode is a full privacy mode that makes a user’s presence on the Snap Map visible to the user alone. This disallows other users from viewing their loca�on, including users on their friend list. The Snap Map is o�en used by SST threat analysts and law enforcement to find missing students by asking peers of the missing student to share their Snap Map with us.

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